The Consequences of NOT Replacing a Missing Tooth with an Affordable Dental Implant in Buford

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If you’re missing a tooth, you’re not alone. Whether it’s a result of gum disease, wear and tear, or an accident, a missing tooth should be replaced as soon as possible. However, many people choose not to, which can lead to oral health problems that are much costlier than an affordable dental implant in Buford.

In this blog, we will discuss the consequences of not replacing a missing tooth with something like a dental implant.

Bone Deterioration: When you lose a tooth, you lose the protective blockade between the open air and your jawbone, which can result in bone loss, or in medical terms, bone resorption.  Once the roots of the tooth are detached from the jawbone, an opening is left in the mouth, and the jawbone will slowly weaken over time, leading to pain, discomfort, and an increased likelihood for gum disease, tooth decay, and other oral infections.

Trouble Speaking and Eating: Bone resorption due to tooth loss begins by affecting the toothless area, but eventually extends to other areas of the jawbone, leading to difficulties with eating, speaking, laughing, as well as digesting food.  And without full chewing abilities, your digestive system has to work harder to process what you eat.

Change in Face Shape:  Jawbone resorption also has its aesthetic consequences, especially if you refuse to deal with your missing tooth or teeth for a long period of time. Losing teeth combined with the eroding of the jaw can lead to sunken-in cheeks and subtle changes in the shape of the lips and chin, even after only five or 10 years. To avoid this acceleration in aging, it’s critical to have some sort of prosthetic tooth procedure – such as an affordable dental implant in Buford – as soon as possible.

 Diminished Self-Esteem:  Perhaps the least obvious consequence of tooth loss is increased self-consciousness and a lack of confidence; after all, would you have a fully confident smile if you were missing one of your front teeth? More often than not, a missing tooth leads you to smile, talk, and eat less in front of other people—which can have a negative impact on your success in professional, social, and romantic life. Fortunately, with an affordable dental implant in Buford, you can regain your confidence and smiling ability, and keep your jaw from experiencing resorption.

Affordable dental implants in Buford are the most advanced treatment option for missing or lost teeth. Our dentists and oral surgeons have decades of combined experience working with dental implants, and our friendly staff members will make the entire process simple and easy.

Don’t wait for the consequences of missing teeth to happen to you – call our office today to schedule a consultation so we can discuss your goals and options.

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