Have You Ever Said Any of the Following to Yourself About Your Mouth?

“When I smile, I feel embarrassed by the way that my teeth look.”

“There are a lot of problems with my mouth; I feel like nobody could sort them all out.”

“I’ve neglected to look after my teeth for a long time. I feel ashamed about the state of my mouth.”

“I feel hopeless about my mouth. Not even cosmetic dentistry can help."

If you find yourself saying any of these things, you’re not alone. When your teeth are a mess, it can be difficult to see how you could ever have the mouth that you want.


Here at Jones Smiles, we're here to tell you that anything is possible. You CAN transform your mouth and make it better than it ever was. With a range of dental treatments, including dental implants, teeth whitening, and therapy for bite problems, you can get a beautiful smile, fit for the cover of a magazine.You can relax with Jones Smiles. We never judge anyone: we’re only here to help. No matter how bad you think that your mouth is, we can restore its natural beauty, giving you confidence and peace of mind.

Our Dental Practice Is Different from Anything You May Have Experienced Before. We Can Help You If:

  • You’re scared of going to the dentist because you’re worried about what other people will think
  • You think that your mouth is hopeless or a lost cause
  • You’ve been unlucky and have bad dental genes that have made your teeth prone to misalignment or decay

You’ll find that we are very different from anywhere dentists you may have visited in the past.

You Are Here Because...

We’re different from other practices:

  • We never lecture or judge you about the state of your mouth. (We’re compassionate and only want to help).
  • We guarantee how your mouth will look.
  • We help with a range of health issue like TMJ and offer sleep apnea treatment.
  • We give you a comprehensive plan that reduces the pain, cost, and inconvenience of dental treatment.
  • We practice state-of-the-art sedation dentistry, eliminating pain and memories of our procedures.
  • Our dentists are at the top of their field. Dr. Jones practices complex dentistry full time and lectures on new treatments and teaches other dentists on the latest cosmetic dentistry techniques. Dentistry is his passion.
  • We treat you with the utmost respect, no matter how your mouth looks.

By choosing us you’ll …

Don’t delay: pick up the phone and change your life today ...

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Check Out These Success Stories From People Who Felt Just Like You

Christina’s Story

Christina was a patient who used to cry in the car before going into the dental office. Now she’s had nearly a dozen implants and has a totally new mouth. She describes going to Jones Smiles as like going shopping: it’s an enjoyable experience, and she knows that she’s going to get something she wants at the end of it, free from pain. With the excellent practice of both cosmetic and sedation dentistry, she says that Dr. Jones has the skill and the knowledge to take care of you. (Hear MORE OF CHRISTINA'S STORY)

Sedation Dentistry
Cosmetic Dentistry

Ken’s Story

Like many people, Ken went through life repairing his teeth only when they needed immediate treatment, rather than being proactive and preventing problems occurring later on. As time passed, he began to develop some serious oral health problems and required extensive repairs to his teeth. Ken had seen his parents suffer from dental problems and knew that his fate could be the same if he didn't act now. After visiting Dr. Jones and receiving treatment, Ken saw an improvement in his life and his appearance. (Hear MORE OF KEN'S STORY)

Joyce’s Story

Joyce had a lot of problems with her mouth. Her teeth were discolored, and there were problems with her gums as a result of chemotherapy. Joyce hated to smile. She felt uncomfortable whenever anyone took a photo of her, and especially when she saw her teeth in the pictures afterward. Joyce just wanted to have a beautiful smile and healthy teeth and gums, and so she went to Jones Smiles.

Jones Smiles walked her through all the procedures and made her feel cared for and appreciated. She felt totally at ease. The procedure was a breeze. Joyce woke up, and it was all done: her mouth had been transformed. Thanks to Jones Smiles, she now feels more confident and no longer feels ashamed of opening her mouth. (Hear MORE OF JOYCE'S STORY)

Smile Dr. Jones