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It’s NOT Too Late. Even if it’s been 20 years since you’ve seen a dentist…even if you feel your smile is “un-fix-able”…even if you feel hopeless about ever having your TRUE smile again…

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Have You Been Putting off Fixing Your Smile? Has It Been 5, 10, Even 30 Years Since You’ve Seen a Dentist Near You?

It’s OK. You’re not alone. In fact, MOST of my patients tell me, “Doc, I’m embarrassed that it took me so long to come see you.”

The way you’re feeling right now is the way most of my patients felt before they came to see me.

They tell me, “Doc, I was afraid…

Afraid of being shamed and guilted and talked DOWN to ”What took you so long?!”
Afraid of finding out their smile is unfixable… “Your teeth are so bad I can’t help you!”
Afraid of how painful fixing their smile would be… “Hold on…this is going to pinch!”
Afraid of how long it will take to fix their smile… “We’ll need to see you 9 more times…”

And, of course, afraid of how much it will cost to fix their smile

We've helped literally thousands of patients discover that their fears that held them back from finally fixing their smile, were NOT reality.

Not at Jones & Copeland Smiles. Welcome to expert care, with no lectures of judgements.

All-ceramic Crown, Veneer, and Implant Procedures Performed
5-Star Reviews, and Counting
Years of Combined Experience

Here’s Our Guarantee for Your Smile…

Shame-free. You're guaranteed a “Shame-free Zone” in our office. You'll never hear, “How long has it been…?” or “Why did you wait so long…?” or “You should have come in sooner…” Never. You deserve help and support, not shame.
Worry-free. You're guaranteed to have a pleasant, almost dreamlike experience. With sedation dentistry, we can offer a virtually pain-free experience. You’ll have only good memories of your time with us.
Quick! You will receive your new smile as quickly as possible (often in just 1-2 visits!) and we guarantee our work will last with our trademarked “5/15 smile warranty
Truly Expert. You can rest assured you are in expert hands: We successfully treat patients with missing or broken teeth, or are embarrassed to smile on a daily basis. As an expert in the field, Dr. Jones lectures nationally and even teaches other dentists.

If you want to smile with joy and pride once again, it’s NOT too late

Take the First Step to CHANGE Your Life Today by Calling...

Listen, No Matter How Bad You Think That Your Smile Is,
We Can Bring Back Its Natural Beauty,
Giving You Back Your Confidence and Joy in Life.

I Was Crying in My Car…

Christina was a patient who used to cry in the car before going into the dental office. Now she’s had nearly a dozen implants and has a totally new mouth. She describes going to Jones & Copeland Smiles as like going shopping: it’s an enjoyable experience, and she knows that she’s going to get something she wants at the end of it, free from pain. With the excellent practice of both cosmetic and sedation dentistry, she says that Dr. Jones has the skill and the knowledge to take care of you.


I Had Seen it Happen to Other People and to My Parents…

Like many people, Ken went through life repairing his teeth only when they needed immediate treatment, rather than being proactive and preventing problems occurring later on. As time passed, he began to develop some serious oral health problems and required extensive repairs to his teeth. Ken had seen his parents suffer from dental problems and knew that his fate could be the same if he didn't act now. After visiting Dr. Jones and receiving treatment, Ken saw an improvement in his life and his appearance.

I Had Gum Problems Due to Chemotherapy…

Joyce had a lot of problems with her mouth. Her teeth were discolored, and there were problems with her gums as a result of chemotherapy. Joyce hated to smile. She felt uncomfortable whenever anyone took a photo of her, and especially when she saw her teeth in the pictures afterward. Joyce just wanted to have a beautiful smile and healthy teeth and gums, and so she went to Jones & Copeland Smiles.


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