Gum Recession Correction

What Is Gum Recession and What Causes It?

Gum recession occurs when the gum tissue surrounding the teeth retracts and exposes the roots. This can make teeth look abnormally long and cause you to look older. Receded gums also make your teeth more sensitive and prone to damage. This risk comes about because the roots have less protection and are softer than tooth enamel.


There are several potential causes of gum recession. Among the most common are:

Teeth grinding
Severe gum disease
Misaligned teeth
Trauma to teeth
Aggressive dental hygiene, including brushing or flossing

The good news is that Jones & Copeland Smiles is here to help. We can offer you first-class dental treatment to correct receding gums. Our processes are minimally invasive. They are less painful than other techniques and produce natural-looking results. If you're looking for gum recession surgery, schedule an appointment with Jones & Copeland Smiles today. We would be happy to provide you with more information and book you in for a consultation.

How Does Gum Recession Treatment Work?

Treatment for receding gums can vary, depending on the type of gum graft procedure performed. All treatments do, however, follow the same basic process.

Whether performing the Pinhole Surgical Technqiue, micro-surgical gum grafts, or converntial gum grafting, all areas a typically grafted during a single appointment. For patients that are anxious at the idea of grafting, multiple sedation options are also avoialble so we can keep you entirely comfortable. At your consultation, we will discuss and determine the method and materials best suited for your own situation, as well as discuss any concerns.

After gum recession correction prcedures, most patients only need over-the-counter medication for pain. Pain relief is generally only necessary for two to three days. Most patients return to work the next day with minimal discomfort. We are committed to patient well-being and ensuring that you get the desired results. After the procedure, we will schedule you for follow-up appointments over the course of three to six months. If you have been suffering with receding gums, read more below to get started!


Our Gum Graft Solutions

We will discuss with you the best option for your gum graft. Our main options include:

Pinhole Surgical Technique. The Pinhole Surgical Technique may be a treatment option for those with gingival recession, offering a minimally invasive alternative to more traditional gum recession procedures that features grafting or sutures. The primary advantage of the Pinhole Surgical Technique is that multiple teeth can be treated in one sitting, without incisions, sutures, or multiple surgeries!  It also makes for a less painful recovery and is a faster procedure than grafting.

Micro Surgical Techniques. This method of gum recession correction uses the allows for correction of recession with minimal incisions and sutures. In addition, newer synthetic collagen materials may allow for patients to avoid having tissue harvested from the roof of the mouth and sutures all together. The benefit of this technique is that the wound heals very quickly - usually within two days. You'll only need over-the-counter pain relief.

Traditional Gum Grafting. With this method, we use connective tissue from the roof of the patient's mouth for the gum graft. A small incision is used to harvest the tissue, however connective tissue gum grafts are extremely predictable and allow for improvement in even the most difficult recession cases. 

Gum Recession Treatment by a Leading Professional

Dr. Eric Jones is well-established dentistry professional. He has experience in the latest techniques for gum recession surgery. His commitment to ongoing education entails that he takes a wide range of postgraduate education courses every year. For gum recession treatment, his office can offer:

Dentist eric jones

Micro-Surgical Treatment. Dr. Jones and his team provide minimally invasive and fast surgery to fix your receding gums. Micro-surgery uses much smaller instruments than traditional surgery. In our office, we use illuminated microscopes. Smaller instruments mean smaller incisions and less discomfort after treatment. Instead of cutting into the gum, our dentist creates a small tunnel in the neck of the tooth in which to insert the gum graft.

Pinhole Technique. Dr. Jones has training in this latest type of treatment for gum recession. Instead of removing and replacing gum tissue, this procedure involves moving tissue over exposed roots through tiny pinholes. Collagen then helps to stabilize the gums.

If you would like to schedule an appointment with Jones & Copeland Smiles, call or click below to get in touch today! Our committed team can book you straight away for gum recession treatment.

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At Jones & Copeland Smiles, we are committed to first-class dental surgery with lasting effects. Highly trained professionals perform all of our gum recession surgeries. Every procedure we perform is as minimally invasive as possible.

Do you need a gum recession correction? Schedule an appointment with Jones & Copeland Smiles. Restore your smile and give your teeth the protection they need!

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