Like No Other

The Jones & Copeland Smiles Difference

My team and I believe our practice is very different from most other dentists. We believe this difference is about more than just the advanced technology, beautiful dental restorations, and friendly communication. Our practice is different, because our beliefs, our mission, and our promises are different.

We Believe...In NO Lectures or Judgment

We believe with a healthy smile, life is better. We also see so many people living a life that isn't their best, because of pain, because of fear, and because for so long, they've been afraid to smile. Every day in our practice, we meet patients that are afraid or embarrassed to smile. We also see patients that have just never liked the appearance of their teeth, or felt confident in their smile. We want you to know that when you can smile with confidence, chew comfortably, and have a healthy mouth, life is better.

Smile with confidence

If your smile is holding you back from the life you want, if you've been putting off going to the dentist because of fear or anxiety, or if you're simply looking for the perfect dental home for yourself and your family, you've come to the right place. We promise no lectures or judgments ever, no matter how long it has been,or the condition of your mouth.

Jones family

We Believe...Dental Care Should Be Different

We believe that dental care should be different than it so often is. As a result of this, we find that few of our patients have experienced the type of care we offer in the past. We promise you will LOVE how your teeth LOOK and FEEL. We believe that a professional cleaning doesn't have to hurt, and that you can have a virtually pain-free dental experience.We think that patients should be seen one at-a-time, on-time. We also believe in helping you with a plan to avoid excessive cost, pain, and embarrassment for a lifetime.

We Expert Care

Dr. Jones is dedicated to constantly leading dentistry in improving techniques, gaining knowledge, and staying on the cutting edge of advancements in modern dentistry for your benefit. Dr. Jones has received extensive training in IV sedation, occlusion (your bite), and esthetic dentistry, allowing him to solve complex dental problems as well as simple dental issues. Dr. Jones also lectures ( on cosmetic dentistry nationally and teaches other dentists, has published in the Journal of Dental Research, and presented at the International Association of Dental Research.

This pursuit of excellence means we are constantly evaluating emerging dental methods and technologies in order to provide our patients with the best results in the least invasive manner with a high emphasis on comfort. We believe that learning never stops, and that only through the pursuit of excellence can we provide the best care that our patients deserve.

We Believe...You are Free to Choose

With the many changes in recent healthcare insurance plans and the formation of PPOs, HMOs and the like, we believe people are losing their ability to control their own health and to choose what is best for them. We believe you have a different choice: the choice to maintain traditional values; the choice to select your healthcare providers based on philosophy, comfort level, and skill; the choice be treated as an individual, not a chart; the choice to experience excellence, trust and caring from a group of professionals who believe prevention is the path to optimum health. We hope you agree and join our family.

We invite you to call our office today at (770) 467-3639 to discover how Jones & Copeland Smiles is like no other.

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