Why Choose Kids Dentistry in Braselton Over General Dentistry?

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Your child’s first dentist visit is significant because first impressions can last a very long time. Choosing kids dentistry in Braselton rather than general dentistry will ensure your child is off to a great start of a lifetime of oral health. There are many reasons why you should choose a pediatric dentist for your child’s dental care.

When children are in pain, they often experience anxiety and may find it difficult to explain what hurts. Our pediatric dentists are highly trained in the art of communicating with children to understand their needs and to offer soothing, positive language.

Additional Training in Children’s Teeth: Pediatric dentists train for two to three years beyond dental school. Their extra training focuses on the treatment of developing teeth, children’s physical growth, children’s behavior and psychology, specific requirements of kids dentistry in Braselton, treating children with special needs, and how to make children feel comfortable.

 More Experience with Children: Working exclusively with youngsters, gives them much more experience than general dentists when it comes to treating children. Pediatric dentists have experience in talking to children, handling their emotions, and putting their fears to rest. Your pediatric dentist will use questions to help your child better explain what the problem is. He/she may ask questions like, “Does that tooth feel funny, or does it hurt?” Your child’s responses can provide valuable information.

Positive reinforcement using words as simple as, “Good job,” can go a long way to alleviate anxiety and will help your child feel that things are going well.  Your pediatric dentist’s body language and tone are also important. Children are observant and will look for reassurances. Talking to the child throughout the procedure provides a distraction and gives comfort. Your dentist’s body language will also help ease a child’s anxiety.

Smaller Less-Scary Equipment: Pediatric dentists use small equipment designed for small mouths, to ensure your child’s comfort. They will introduce the tools one piece at a time, making sure that your child knows what tool they are using and why. Pediatric dentists make sure to avoid the fear of the unknown instruments by involving your child every step of the way.

Instead of saying water rinse, your pediatric dentist may call it a tooth shower. Wiggle out sounds a whole less scary than extraction, and tooth cleaner is a friendlier alternative to drill. Your child’s dentist will use choice words to alleviate anxiety and maybe draw a smile or two.

 More Child-Friendly Environment: Because kids dentistry in Braselton focuses on treating young patients, they design their office spaces for kids. They include toys and games in the waiting room to keep your child entertained and at ease.

 Preventative Care: Pediatric dentists focus on preventing dental problems to ensure lifelong dental health. They will give you advice and teach you how to help your child develop healthy habits. They offer preventative treatments, such as fluoride treatments, sealants, space maintainers, and much more.

Contact us to see for yourself the difference between kids dentistry in Braselton and general dentistry. We are passionate about giving kids a great experience and care second to none, so call our office today to schedule a consultation.

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