What Is KöR Whitening and How Does It Really Work?

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Dentist holding mirror and satisfied patient with white teeth

If you are looking for less expensive ways to improve your smile, you might want to consider teeth whitening. Showing off your bright pearly whites can boost your confidence and even make you smile more. But if you’ve done any research into this, you know there are many options – some of which are better than others. One of the latest methods that have gotten a lot of buzzes is KöR teeth whitening.

But is this whitening system a good option if you are looking to brighten your teeth a couple of shades?

Well, first, let’s explain a little bit about how teeth whitening in general works.

You may be surprised to learn that people have been trying to whiten their teeth for thousands of years. People would try to file down their teeth with pumice stones, urine (yes, that’s right), or even acid in ancient times. As you can probably guess, these methods were extremely harmful to the teeth and often led to decay and disease with only temporary whitening results.

Today’s bleaching methods were first developed in the 1980s when dentists used peroxide to whiten enamel without harming the teeth safely. Often, this is used in tandem with an LED light used to set the peroxide on the teeth.

However, KöR teeth whitening takes a slightly different approach than these standard methods. So, does it work, and should you consider this treatment?

Let’s dive in.

What Is Kör Teeth Whitening?

KöR Whitening is a company that specializes in teeth whitening solutions by combining traditional peroxide bleaching treatments with the latest technology. According to KöR’s website, their specialized whitening gel provides the same effect as up to 10 hours of bleaching within just 25 to 35 minutes! It also does not require the use of LED lights.

Another thing that makes KöR whitening treatment unique is that the materials are kept in the fridge before use. The effectiveness and potency of the bleaching treatment are preserved at this lowered temperature.

KöR also offers several types of whitening treatments, depending on your desired color and your teeth’s current condition.

KöR Home

The KöR Home whitening treatments can be done outside of the dentist’s office and are available for both nighttime and daytime use. However, this system is not as strong as the treatments used by dental professionals and is best for at-home maintenance or highly sensitive teeth. This uses a 16% strength hydremide peroxide at night and a 9% strength during the day.


Kor max kit

This is a hybrid treatment option that is great for people who want to treat slight yellowing or staining. This plan includes one in-office treatment combined with an at-home nighttime whitening system. This consists of an at-home 16% strength system alone with a 34% dual-activated, tri-barrel hydremide peroxide gel treatment in-office.

KöR Ultra

This whitening treatment delivers extreme results and is best for treating stubborn stains. The office treatment uses a 34% strength dual-activated, tri-barrel hydremide peroxide gel along with a 13% strength after-treatment.

KöR Ultra T

This specially designed whitening treatment offers extraordinary whitening for typically untreatable issues, such as tetracycline. This whitening treatment involves multiple in-office visits with a 34% strength treatment – along with 3 to 4 weeks of nighttime whitening treatments.

How Does It Work?

KöR whitening treatments use a specific peroxide formulation with a high percentage of free radicals to permeate the teeth and bleach discolored enamel. However, what makes KöR’s formula so useful are the specialized trays and formula which prevent saliva from mixing with the whitening gel.

Saliva contains an anti-oxidant enzyme called peroxidase, which can neutralize peroxide and make it far less potent. KöR’s specialized design and formulation help prevent this from occurring, ensuring that the whitening treatment is successful.

KöR’s in-office treatments use a unique dual-activated, tri-barrel system. This particular design keeps the active ingredients within the system separated until it is ready for use. This helps maintain the chemicals’ potency and allows dentists to formulate the ingredient mixture for each patient.

KöR whitening treatment also thoroughly cleanses out any debris which can be lodged between or inside of enamel prisms, which are called interprismatic and intercrystalline spaces. These are the small spaces between enamel cells. This helps to restore teeth to a healthy shade that is bright – without being unnaturally white.

Why Should You Try Kör?

Dentist making teeth whitening procedure to female patient

There are lots of benefits to trying KöR whitening treatments. For one, it can be used in tandem with other smile-perfecting therapies, such as Invisalign. The flexibility of options to use at home during the day or night is also a significant benefit, significantly to prolong the whitening between professional treatments.

KöR also has little to no adverse side effects for most people. Traditional whitening treatments can be harsh and leave you with heightened sensitivity, especially cold or warm foods and beverages. The majority of patients who have had KöR whitening treatments expressed slight sensitivity and discomfort, but it was relatively minimal. Further, patients who are prone to high sensitivity can use lower peroxide strength formulas to prevent this issue.

Finally, the results of KöR whitening treatments are nearly immediate and long-lasting. Generally, patients require one in-office treatment to achieve their desired results. With proper dental care and occasional at-home treatment touch-ups, their teeth can stay whiter for years and years!

Is It the Best Choice for You?

While KöR whitening is significant, there are some things to consider before booking an appointment with your dentist.

First, the process can be a bit time-consuming. This treatment often requires up to three dental visits for initial examinations, the treatment itself, and a check-up.

Most dentists require the patient to wear night gel trays for up to two weeks after the whitening treatment. This helps to maximize the results – but they can be uncomfortable or irritating to some people.

KöR whitening is also more expensive than other methods, especially over-the-counter treatments like strips. However, KöR is highly effective – especially for deep stains – only one or two treatments are often needed. Other whitening systems typically require multiple treatments, so the cost can certainly add up.

Now, some patients are not qualified to receive KöR whitening. It is not recommended for children under the age of thirteen, and it may not be possible for people with severe dental issues, such as extreme decay or gum disease. You should always consult with a trustworthy dental professional to give you an honest opinion on whether KöR whitening is the best choice.


Having white, healthy-looking teeth is certainly something to smile about – and with KöR whitening treatments, it is attainable for nearly everyone.

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