Replacing Missing Teeth with Cosmetic Dental Treatments in Buford

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Cosmetic dental treatments in Buford are designed to help people feel better about their smiles. The dental treatments offered in this industry, however, can also play a major role in protecting your overall oral health. This is especially the case when it comes to replacing missing teeth.

Whenever one or more teeth have fallen out or been extracted, the entire mouth typically suffers. Dental implants, dental bridges, and dentures are just a few of the many solutions that can be used to create a complete and healthy smile.

Replacing Missing Teeth Will Prevent Additional Tooth Loss

Replacing missing teeth that have been pulled or badly damaged by decay will not only improve your facial appearance, but it will also reduce the likelihood of additional tooth loss. When teeth are missing, all the remaining tooth structures are forced to perform additional work. This often leads to weakened tooth enamel, stress fractures and other structural problems that make teeth more susceptible to decay.

Cosmetic dental treatments in Buford such as implants, dentures, and dental bridges can effectively balance out your bite forces so that none of your teeth are being subjected to extra and unnecessary wear and tear.

Improve Your Quality of Life by Replacing Missing Teeth

Once you’ve had your missing teeth replaced, you can interact with others and smile more confidently. You can also rest assured that you’re always making the best possible impressions in professional and social situations.

Society has always been appearance-conscious and how you look can play a major role in determining how people perceive you. Having a full set of healthy teeth will boost your marketability and your social prowess.

Prevent Jawbone Deterioration with Cosmetic Dental Treatments in Buford

Losing one or more natural teeth don’t just harm the health and integrity of the remaining natural tooth structures – it can also speed up the deterioration of your jawbone.

The primary job of the jawbone is to support the natural teeth and when teeth are lost, the body often stops sending critical nutrients to this area. By replacing missing teeth with options such as dental implants, titanium posts are installed directly into the jawbone. These posts then attach to the jawbone to form a firm and solid foundation for tooth implantation.

Best of all, the body accepts these posts much like it would a normal tooth root. This ensures the continued delivery of oxygen and nutrients while greatly decreasing the likelihood of bone deterioration.

Get Solutions That Support Your Short and Long-Term Goals

One of the best things about cosmetic dental treatments in Buford is the fact that the available procedures can be as flexible and adaptable as people need them to be. These services are also designed to be all-inclusive given that our specialist will also take rigorous steps to promote optimal well-being and health in the soft tissues, underlying bone, and natural teeth. This creates a strong, stable foundation that will allow for lasting results from any cosmetic treatments you receive.

And many of the available treatments can be broken down into small, manageable increments so that they never have any significant impact on your ability to stay on top of important work and family responsibilities.
By replacing missing teeth, you can improve your appearance, self-confidence and overall health all at the same time. Contact us today to schedule a consultation so we can discuss options for cosmetic dental treatments in Buford that will help you feel better about your smile and your dental health.

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