8 Tips to Help Children to Overcome Fear of Kids’ Dentists in Buford

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Taking your children to a kids’ dentist in Buford is necessary to keep their teeth healthy and promote excellent oral habits. But from a child’s point of view, it can be scary lying on a chair in an unfamiliar room filled with unfamiliar noises and objects while a stranger is poking cold, metallic, and unusual instruments in their mouth.

As your children’s teeth continue to fall out and grow, they may make 10 or more trips to the dentist before starting kindergarten. To help ease future visits for your child, follow these steps so that your child will feel comfortable and more relaxed.

1. Start young. The earlier a child visits a kids’ dentist in Buford, the better. This will provide your child with a ‘dental home’ where all their needs will be taken care of. It’s best that the first visit starts at age 1 or when the first tooth is visible.

2. Keep it simple. When preparing for a visit, especially the first time, try not to include too many details. Doing so will raise more questio6. Prepare for some fussing, and adding more information about an extra treatment, like a filling he might need, may cause unnecessary anxiety.

3. Watch your words. Don’t use words like shot, hurt, or pain with children. Let the staff at the kids’ dentist in Buford introduce their own vocabulary to children to help them get through difficult situations.

4. Consider a pretend visit. Before the first dentist appointment, play pretend with your child to be the dentist and the patient. The key is getting her familiar with the routine so that she’s more comfortable for the real visit. Picture books with detailed illustrations and easy-to-understand language can also help children get a sense of what to expect.

5. Do not try to relate. Some parents take their children with them to their own dentist appointment, but experts say this is a mistake. Parents themselves might feel anxious about the visit without even realizing it, and their child might sense those fears.

6. Prepare for some fussing. It is normal and age-appropriate for a young child to cry, whine, wiggle, and not want to be examined by a stranger. Stay calm and remember that the dentist and her staff are used to working with children and have seen their share of tantrums.

7. Avoid bribery. Many experts do not recommend promising your child a special treat if she behaves well at the dentist. Doing so will only increase their apprehension. Instead, after the visit is over, praise your child for her good behavior and bravery.

8. Emphasize the importance of good oral hygiene. Teach your child that visiting the kids’ dentist in Buford is a necessity, not a choice and that the dentist will take care of his teeth so that they are strong enough for him to eat. You might also explain that the dentist helps keep cavities at bay and ensures that his patients will have a beautiful smiles for years to come.

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