Childrens Dentistry

8 Tips to Help Children Overcome Fear of Children’s Dentistry in Braselton

Taking children to the dentist is necessary to keep their teeth healthy and promote excellent oral hygiene habits. But from a child’s point of view, a trip to the dentist can be a scary event – lying on a chair in an unfamiliar room filled with unfamiliar noises and objects, all while a stranger is poking cold, metallic, and unusual instruments in his mouth. So today we’re sharing some tips to help your children overcome the fear of children’s dentistry in Braselton.

1. Start Young: The earlier a child begins children’s dentistry in Braselton, the better. This will provide your children with a ‘dental home’ where all their needs will be taken care of. It’s best that the first visit starts at age one or when the first tooth is visible.

2. Keep It Simple: When preparing for a visit, especially the first time, try not to include too many details. Doing so will raise more questions and adding more information about an extra treatment might need may cause unnecessary anxiety. Keep a positive attitude when discussing an upcoming visit, but don’t give your child false hope.

3. Watch Your Words: Don’t use words like shot, hurt or pain with children. Let the staff introduce their own vocabulary to children to help them get through difficult situations.

4. Consider a Pretend Visit: Before the first appointment for children’s dentistry in Braselton, play pretends with your child to be the dentist and the patient. Count your little one’s teeth by starting with the number 1 or the letter A. Avoid making drilling noises or lining up other instruments. Picture books with detailed illustrations and easy-to-understand language can also help children get a sense of what to expect.

5. Do Not Try to Relate: Some parents take their children with them to their own dentist appointment, but experts say this is a mistake. Parents themselves might feel anxious about the visit without even realizing it, and their child might sense those fears.

6. Prepare for Some Fussing: It is normal and age-appropriate for a young child to cry, whine, wiggle, and not want to be examined by a stranger. Stay calm and remember that the dentist and staff are used to working with children and have seen their share of issues.

7. Avoid Bribery: Many experts do not recommend promising your children a special treat if they behave well at the dentist. Doing so will only increase their apprehension. Promising a sugary treat also sends the wrong message after a dentist emphasizes having clean, healthy teeth by avoiding sweets that can cause cavities.

8. Emphasize the Importance of Good Oral Hygiene: Teach your children that visiting the dentist is a necessity, not a choice and that the dentist will take care of their teeth so that they are strong enough for him to eat. You might also explain that the dentist helps keep cavities at bay and ensures that his patients will have a beautiful smile for years to come.

Ready to begin your child’s journey into children’s dentistry in Braselton? We’re here to help! Our office is child-friendly, and our staff is expertly trained to provide your little ones with the very best in oral care.

Dental Veneers

Buford Dental Veneers: Pros And Cons

Buford dental veneers are thin pieces of tooth-colored porcelain cemented to the front surfaces of your natural teeth and are an easy way to address a variety of physical and aesthetic problems. Because they’re also permanent, however, you’ll need to carefully weigh the pros and cons of the procedure before you decide to get them.

Here are six things to think about and discuss with your dentist and your consultation appointment.

Pro: Easily Whiten Your Smile. Years of drinking coffee, smoking cigarettes or eating highly pigmented foods eventually take their toll on your teeth, turning them an unattractive shade of yellow or brown. Stained enamel can be bleached at home or by your dentist, but it can become stained again. If you’re looking for an easier way to whiten your smile for good, dental veneers may be a good fit for you.

Pro: Fix Minor Cosmetic Problems. Slightly crooked or gapped teeth can be treated with braces or other orthodontic treatments, but these problems can sometimes be helped with veneers as well. Buford dental veneers are attached to the front surfaces of your teeth, so although they don’t change their positions, they do camouflage minor orthodontic problems once they’re applied.

Pro: Replace Damaged Enamel. Enamel is strong, but not indestructible. Your enamel may still be worn down from overzealous tooth brushing or eaten away by highly acidic foods and drinks. The stomach acid associated with acid reflux disease can also damage your enamel. This can become a cause for concern because lost enamel doesn’t grow back. Fortunately, it can be replaced. Buford dental veneers are an excellent treatment for teeth with enamel abrasion or enamel erosion.

Con: Higher Cost. The price of veneers will vary based on your location, your dentist and the number of teeth you want to be restored, but one thing is for sure – they are often more expensive than other options.

Con: Increased Sensitivity. Some people experience an increase in tooth sensitivity after getting veneers. You may feel sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures for the first few days after your procedure, but it usually goes away.

Con: Irreversible Procedure. Veneers are considered permanent because your dentist needs to change the structure of your natural teeth to properly place them. In this way, the outer layer of your enamel may be removed to make room.

Buford dental veneers are an excellent way to hide discolored, crooked or damaged teeth, but it’s important to weigh the pros and cons that come with the territory before getting them. Call our office today to schedule a consultation so we can determine if dental veneers are a fitting solution for you.